3 Foods to Eat to Prevent Breast Cancer

Is there a relationship between nutrition and breast cancer?  Do you know the foods you can eat to build your body’s natural cancer-fighting capacity?

In this 3-minute clinic we discuss the top 3 Foods that you can eat to build a powerful immune system and reduce your risk for breast cancer.

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“Welcome to the three minute clinic where we go over strategies that empower you to be well and stay well for the rest of your life. Today’s subject is breast cancer and breast cancer awareness. Now what we have been talking about is the prevention of breast cancer, a very important subject, and again I want to emphasize that through lifestyle changes, as an individual you have the power, you have the ability to work on an immune program to build your body so that you can prevent breast cancer. Now the question today is about nutrition. The first question is does nutrition play a role in breast cancer? The answer is obviously, yes! What kind of a role? A huge role! In other words, the proper nutrition and nutritional balance is a huge tool in preventing breast cancer. Now you read a lot about nutrition, here is what I want to tell you, this is very important, when you want to beat breast cancer, when you want to overcome breast cancer, when you want to beat breast cancer, when you declare war on breast cancer, you have to be savvy, you have to have some swagger, you have to have some weapons. What are those weapons? Guess what, your nutrition is one of your weapons! Nutritional balance is one of your weapons! So let’s talk about three specific things that you can do, three things that empower you that are weapons that build your immune system so you can prevent breast cancer. So here’s the key, nutritionally let me frame this for you: whole, living, fresh foods–that’s the key. Whole, living, fresh foods are the key to preventing breast cancer–that’s what’s giving you nutritional and metabolic balance. So #1 fresh living food. Fresh living food, what are we talking about? Fresh fruits and fresh vegetables, fresh vegetable juices and fresh fruit juices. What they do is give you phytonutritents and antioxidants that have power–they are weapons that help you stay well and help you prevent breast cancer. What else is important is whole grains–#2 is whole grains, they are high in fiber, low in fat, they help empower you to prevent breast cancer. And #3 is plant based proteins, nuts and seeds and beans and legumes. These are very powerful plant proteins that are high fiber, low fat, and alkaline. So let me see if I can get this clear, the proper nutrition that gives you weapons that protect you are going to be foods that are high in fiber, low in fat, whole and living, chemical free, and highly alkaline. That’s where you come in with fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts & seeds. So let’s put it all together. I can remember years ago at the old Cortez Hotel when I first came to San Diego from Los Angeles back in 1970. I was attending a health convention and the speaker was going over the balanced diet, the balanced diet, the balanced diet. Well after hearing about 15 minutes of a balanced diet, I raised my hand and said excuse me, I’m either the most intelligent person in this room or the dumbest, what do you mean the balanced diet? Of course his answer was ah ah ah, there wasn’t an answer. Well let me answer it for you. A balanced diet is that at every meal you combine fresh living food with whole grains and complete plant protein foods by combining them–that is what a balanced diet is. And the key is when you have fresh living food, whole grains and the right plant proteins you’ll have high fiber, low fat, chemical free, alkaline nutrition that going to become weapons on your path to preventing breast cancer.”

  • By Cleo, October 25, 2011 @ 1:09 am

    When did women start getting higher rates of breast cancer? I think if someone looked into it there would be a correlation between it and when we started to eat lots of processed foods.

  • By Popoff, October 25, 2011 @ 1:23 am

    High in fiber makes sense. Get the bad stuff out as quickly as possible if you know what I mean :)

  • By Don Horn, October 25, 2011 @ 1:28 am

    Didn’t my local news recently suggest that evidence is pointing towards antioxidents actually not preventing anything?

  • By Wayne Sellers, October 25, 2011 @ 1:55 am

    Breast cancer is one of the few cancers with a chance of beating it. But the best chance is not getting it. Self exams and good food is key.

  • By Christian Dougherty, October 25, 2011 @ 2:02 am

    I have a friend who has been trying to beat cancer by cleaning up his diet. He has lost a ton of weight and he says he feels really good. He has gotten reid of meat and sugars and eats mostly fruit, veggies and whole grains. Makes you wonder if he would have ever gotten cancer if he always ate like this.

  • By Nicholas, October 25, 2011 @ 2:42 am

    Yeats ago I kept hearing about nuts being so fatty. But now I know that it’s a good fat and of course moderation is key.

  • By Maurya, October 25, 2011 @ 3:09 am

    I think breast cancer was the topic because it is breast cancer awareness month. At work everyone is pink lately, especially on Fridays. But, yes, I think this is just good advice for being healthy.

  • By Wade Washington, October 25, 2011 @ 3:13 am

    Nutrition isn’t just for preventing breast cancer, it helps with most of them.

  • By Marguerite Stewart, October 25, 2011 @ 3:42 am

    I don’t eat any meat for breakfast or lunch anymore. Nothing but good, whole grained breads and cereals and fruts and vegetables. I feel more energetic and that is reason enough for me to keep it up.

  • By Cordelia, October 25, 2011 @ 4:49 am

    I was pretty good with my diet in my 20’s, but then I go married, kids, and serious about my career. Exercise and food wasn’t as important during my 30’s. Then I didn’t like how I was feeling and looking. Now at 42 I am back to eating whole fresh foods and I feel great, even without exercising as much as I like.

  • By Joel Kent, October 25, 2011 @ 5:36 am

    I like his message about the foods to eat, but I think he could have just sad to stay healthy and not just preventing Breast cancer.

  • By Rodney Winters, October 25, 2011 @ 6:23 am

    He mentions food highly alkaline. Aren’t most fruits and juices acidic? What makes a food alkaline?

  • By Ned, October 25, 2011 @ 7:36 am

    Hopefully, someday they will just find a cure for this horrible condition we know as cancer. I am not sure we will ever be able to have chemical free foods in this world anymore. Seems like they are everywhere and on everything. That’s why it’s so important to get the best fuel for our body.

  • By Becky Lewis, October 25, 2011 @ 7:42 am

    I started eating whole grain cereals for lunch with soy milk. I’ve dropped a good 10 pounds and I feel much better all afternoon.

  • By meltzer, October 25, 2011 @ 10:14 pm

    great thoughts, questions, and comments. make sure to join our free webinar on the Future of Breast Cancer awareness to get all of your questions answered about breast cancer prevention, early detection, & treatment. http://www.maketimeforwellness.com/blog/awareness/

    In the meantime, here are a couple answers to some of your questions. As for when breast cancer rates really started increasing, it’s been on a steady trajectory upwards since the early / mid 1900’s, and yes, there is certainly a strong correlation to our dietary habits over that period and the rates of breast cancer.

    As for the question on alkalinity, fresh fruits and fruit juices–even for the ones that are acidic before being digested–typically leave an alkaline byproduct once metabolized by the body, and alkalinity is determined by the impact the food has on the body post-digestion / being metabolized.

    thanks again for your thoughts, and hope that helps with some of the questions!

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