About Us

Make Time for Wellness is an online wellness community where you can learn everything you need to know to be well, stay well, and live well. Our goal is to empower you with tools and strategies—based on Dr. Barnet Meltzer’s 40 years of clinical experience as a leading expert in Preventive Medicine, Integrative Medicine, and Clinical Nutrition – that will help you stay vital, healthy, and happy! More specifically, we’re here to help you:

  • Increase Your Energy
  • Reduce Stress
  • Overcome Burnout
  • Prevent Disease
  • Slow the Aging Process
  • Lose Weight Permanently

Make Time for Wellness is a collaboration between Dr. Barnet Meltzer, Jordan Meltzer (that’s me…Dr. Meltzer’s son, PhD in training, wellness enthusiast, and, well, check out the bio below for more details), all of the patient’s and clients that we have the privilege of working with, and you!

If you’re looking for further education or support on your path to wellness, we’re here to help! We have several books, CDs, and online wellness courses, as well as more personalized consultations and coaching programs for individuals, corporations, and organizations looking for additional guidance and support. Click here to learn more! Enjoy!

Warm Regards,

Dr. Barnet Meltzer & Jordan Meltzer

Dr. Barnet Meltzer, M.D.

Barnet Meltzer, M.D., is a pioneer and leading expert in the field of Preventive Medicine, Integrative Medicine, and Clinical Nutrition. Dr. Meltzer owns the distinction of being the first medical doctor to enter the field of Preventive Medicine in Southern California and the first doctor to specialize in this emerging field nationwide. He is a board certified physician and surgeon with 40 years of clinical experience as a practicing primary care physician.

Dr. Meltzer retains a thriving consultation practice in Del Mar, California, where he offers a variety of services as a primary care physician and Wellness, Weight Loss, and Energy Coach. As a board certified medical doctor, Dr. Meltzer fulfills the role of a traditional primary care physician, but with an emphasis on addressing the whole person and not just the condition. He sees patients for everything from the common cold and upper respiratory infections, to high blood pressure, high cholesterol, arthritis, diabetes, cancer, and heart disease. Dr. Meltzer incorporates a multi-dimensional and natural approach to wellness, healing, anti-aging, and preventing disease. His services include:

  • Integrative Care - Dr. Meltzer has extensive experience integrating natural healing techniques and lifestyle changes with traditional medicine to individualize optimal health care for each of his patients.
  • Alternative Care - Patients often seek out Dr. Meltzer to understand the non-drug and non-surgery alternatives to overcoming the health challenges they are experiencing.
  • Preventive Care - Dr. Meltzer works with his patients to be well and stay well. This includes helping them achieve their ideal weight, build their immune system, increase their energy and vitality, and prevent disease.

Dr. Meltzer has overseen more than 60,000 patients and conducted nearly 200,000 patient consultations in his career. Click here for an expanded bio!

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Jordan Meltzer

Jordan Meltzer is the President of the Meltzer Wellness Institute and is integrally involved in the development and expansion of the institute’s wellness programs. He is currently pursuing his PhD in Integrated Health Sciences, and has co-authored two books with his father, Dr. Barnet Meltzer.Their upcoming book, Make Time for Wellness (working title), captures 40 years of his father’s experience into a simple wellness plan designed to increase your energy & vitality, slow the aging process, and prevent disease & chronic illness.

Prior to joining his father at the Meltzer Wellness Institute, Jordan spent 6 years working in finance; he spent 3 years working in Investment Banking for Goldman Sachs and 3 years working in Private Equity for the investment firm, Friedman, Fleischer & Lowe. Jordan graduated with honors from the University of California, Berkeley.