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Do You Want to Be Rich in Health, Rich in Happiness, and Rich in Life?

Welcome to Make Time for Wellness! Our goal is to empower you with tools and strategies to increase your energy, slow the aging process, prevent disease & chronic illness, lose weight permanently, reduce stress, and overcome burnout.

Said another way, we want to help you map out a plan to be Rich in Health, so you can achieve, sustain, and protect a lifestyle that is Rich in Happiness, Rich in Love, Rich in Laughter, Rich in Spirit, and Rich in Wealth, and Rich in Life.

As part of our community, we welcome your thoughts and encourage you to share any of our complementary resources with friends, family, colleagues, and loved ones, and help us spread the cause of wellness!

Greetings, and welcome to our Make Time for Wellness Community where we’ll review strategies that will empower you with techniques to stay well and be well for the rest of your life. You know, wellness to me is a very interesting process. As a matter of fact, as a doctor of preventive medicine I consider myself a specialist in prevention and wellness. It’s interesting; when I went to medical school, I was taught that people were a disease waiting to happen, but I don’t see it that way at all. The way I see it, there are three fundamental principles that tie wellness together. The number one is this- human beings have the ability to be well, and the ability to repair themselves. They have self-regulating immune factors, self-regulating pharmacies. In other words, the human being has the ability to heal himself or herself and be well. Number two- very important in preventive medicine, we’re interested in the whole person, you see. Doctors in traditional medicine tend to treat the condition; we tend to treat the whole person. In other words, your emotional health, physical health, mental health, spiritual health, all these things are important. Physical strength leads to wellness, mental strength leads to wellness, emotional strength leads to wellness, and spiritual strength leads to wellness. All these strengths improve your immune system, empower you to be well, and help you prevent disease. And thirdly, very important in the wellness community is the individual’s self-responsibility, the individual’s self-accountability, the individual’s self-awareness. Do you realize that we as individuals are the key factors in the healthcare delivery system- that your choices, your lifestyle, your decisions and how you view life are far more important than hospitals, doctors, drugs, and surgery? That’s the point. So here’s what I need to ask you, just like every patient I see for a consultation; how important is it for you to be rich in life, rich in happiness, rich in love, rich in spirit, rich in companionship, rich in family, rich in wealth- in other words, how important is it to be rich in life? Now keep in mind, from my perspective wellness increases your capacity to live, increases your capacity to love, increases your capacity to laugh, increases your potential to live life to the fullest. So here’s my point; how important is it to be rich in life- obviously very important. But what I have learned and what I have discovered and think you’ll discover once you study it is that unless you’re rich in health, you really can’t sustain being rich in life. So that’s the point of our wellness community, we want to empower you with ways to stay well and be well, so that you can have a rich life and being rich in life is sustaining richness in life. We want to give you strategies that will increase your energy and your vitality. We want to give you strategies that will prevent illness and disease- debilitating, decaying disease. We want to give you techniques and styles that will slow down the aging process and keep you youthful and young and fresh and resourceful. And we want to give you strategies that will reduce stress and reduce emotional tension to improve the quality of your life. So here’s what we want to do- welcome to the community, please be a part of it, become interactive with us, sign up for our free teleseminars that we do, share the information with friends and loved ones- let’s join together and be a community to spread the cause of wellness, prevent disease, and be rich in life!